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Reputational management: does pharmacy need it?

In order to shape or controlling the public’s perception of a pharmacy or business by influencing the online information about the organization Reputational Management works on huge level.

Reputation Management refers to Online Reputation Management. Formerly Reputation management i

What I learnt from running a pharmacy focus group

Focus groups are an efficient way of gathering the views of several individuals simultaneously, uncovering important constructs that may not be tapped through individual interviews and supporting important lines of investigation, such as consumer behavior.  Furthermore, the literature also r

Five alternative careers for pharmacists

Pharmacy is full of innumerable career options if you think the career paths for pharmacy graduates are limited with high street chemists or hospitals or the industrial pharmacy sector then you are completely wrong.  More people are entering the healthcare industry due to the different job o

Seven things you need to know about polypharmacy

Polypharmacy is a need for those aged people who have become vulnerable. Seniors tend to have more health issues and have a decreased ability to process medications. Taking multiple medications at the same time can lead to increased side effects, drug interactions and adverse complications as wel

A vision for the future of community pharmacy

The community pharmacy is a platform to learn more and more effective ways of medicine. It is said that pharmaceutical services are an intrinsic part of health services and investment in them can help achieve universal health coverage.  Community pharmacists require the understanding, skills

How will technology aid an ageing world?

Aging populations are a reality that countries all around the world have to face. During the 21st century, we are going to see faster aging than ever.  Older populations are increasing in both number and proportion globally, so just about every single country will have to deal with this issu

What a primary care network pharmacist really does?

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is growing steadily. In order to prevail against the increasing competition, it requires a good medical professional at the initial level treatment. Medical primary care network pharmacist is the focused, medication-centered health professionals who can

Why Pharmacist should embrace creativity in patients’ interactions?

In a world of product and service innovation, the human touch is a need of the hour. Be a pharmacist is not only defined your knowledge of medicines but also makes you understand the creative aspects of medicines. So if you choose your career in pharmacy you must have a human

How automated microbial quality control reduces the risk of human error

The manual method for counting cultures, now more than 100 years old, is rife with potential errors. During incubation, plates can be misplaced, mislabeled, or thrown out before they’ve been fully analyzed. During enumeration, miscounting can result in interim colony counts that are higher

Healthcare Marketing - Get to Know These 10 Valuable Tools!

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is growing steadily. In order to prevail against the increasing competition, it requires a good marketing strategy. That's why the right healthcare marketing tools are essential. That's why we show the top 10 most valuable marketing tools