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How digital seniors manage their medicines

Prescribing medication as prescribed is a challenge for many people. Especially seniors often find it difficult to keep track of several medications. The older the society gets, the bigger this problem will become. Increasing digitization can provide a solution.

Seniors generall

How to Continue Learning after Graduation

I firmly believe that overall pharmacy knowledge should increase over time and that your “peak” as a professional, if you are committed to continual learning, should be your last years of practice. There is no reason why you can’t keep up with new drugs, changes in labeling, and

Identify How and When to Treat Dyspepsia and Heartburn

The upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract consists of the duodenum, the esophagus, and the stomach. Although many factors may contribute to upper GI pain, some may be minor and can be self-treated, whereas others may require further and immediate medical treatment. Possible causes of upper GI pain in

Pharmacists Should Counsel Patients before They Travel

Several media outlets have interviewed many of those who became sick, and the reports from these individuals have yielded a number of potential leads, ranging from reports of becoming sick after drinking at hotel bars to chemical smells in hotel rooms. Meanwhile, these reports have led many touri

E-cigarettes and Safety

An acquaintance of mine recently celebrated his success in quitting cigarettes after multiple attempts.
“Good for you!” I said. “That is a very hard habit to break.”
But then he came clean.
He hadn’t really sto

What is Pharmacogenomic Testing?

The use of pharmacogenomic testing to help determine courses of therapy is gaining momentum as evidence accumulates showing which genotypes respond best to particular medications.

Pharmacogenomics describes the process whereby pharmacists and physicians analyze information about a person&

Astronomers Discover Cool Halo Gas Spinning Like Galactic Disks

A group of astronomers led by Crystal Martin and Stephanie Ho of the University of California, Santa Barbara, has discovered a dizzying cosmic choreography among typical star-forming galaxies; their cool halo gas appears to be in step with the galactic disks, spinning in the same direction.


Do you own a micro-sized or small company?

If yes, then what business model do you think will be ideal when you aim at doing a profitable business?

Ask anyone who is an expert in the niche, and you will get the answer, “

6 Reasons Why Applicants Fail to Get into Medical School

Every year medical school applicants feel confused and in the dark about why they have been rejected by medical schools. They do not understand what they did wrong or what they need to do differently when they reapply. Whether you are a premedical student trying to ma

Create Your Future

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

We know how it’s like searching a job, various resources are available but often you need to make your own personal experiences in order to find out what method works best for you.