Habits Essential for Becoming a Most Valuable Hire

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1. A positive attitude with positive energy. People are always attracted to positive people, folks with a smile on their face and always something positive to say. No negatives, complaining, or whining; just a “can do” attitude.

2. A positive work ethic. It means arriving early, staying late, minimizing break times, and focusing on doing whatever is assigned, to the absolute best of your ability, regardless of who, if anyone, is watching.

3. Getting to know the players. Who are the people you need to know, what do they do, and how can you build a positive relationship with them? Learn their names, remember their names, and greet them by name with a genuine smile and positive eye contact.

Minimize the social chatter. To the inevitable, “How was your day/night/ weekend?,” resist the urge to chatter and simply respond, “Great, and yours?” And never gossip, because gossip means that no one will ever trust you.

4. Observe how things are done. Every organization has its own way of doing things, and the quicker you can learn this, the better. Do this before you offer opinions !

5. Leave every bad habit behind. You know what things hold you back from being an A-player in your last job and an A-player at school. The only person who can repeat or reject those bad habits is you.
Model integrity. Always DWYSYWD?—?do what you said you would d People who do this build trust and trust is at the foundation of every successful career.

6. Keep your boss informed. Ask him/her how and when he/she would like to be updated, then do it. Volunteer for assignments you can do or that will stretch you.

7. Think in terms of company goals. Find out what the goals are, and figure out how what you do can move the company towards those goals.Make no excuses. You will make mistakes, but you should NEVER make an excuse. Your boss will appreciate that you don’t make excuses or the same mistake twice.

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