A pharmacist's guide to becoming more assertive.

A pharmacist's guide to becoming more assertive


The healthcare community has come to understand the patients of all shapes and sizes according to their counseling needs.  A pharmacist must be a learner from practical practices. It involves the ability to perform well. Social skills which determine the motivation and ability of the individual to gain access to understand and use information in ways to promote and maintain good health.

A good professional must be able to perform basic reading and mathematical tasks. All works must be done to comprehend and act on health information.

In order to act well, he must be learning, reading, writing, and other medical practices. A medical professional can achieve a desirable goal.

Direct interaction with patients is a need of the hour. The pharmacist can make direct contact with patients through traditional style. He may be able to find a quiet area with a good internet connection. The telephone can play a vital role to be assertive. This technique can be employed on one to one basis. The pharmacist must have more time to spend with patients. Counseling must be private and effective.

The health community faces a problem of incorrect drug recognition. Patients must be advised with a regular work schedule in between treatment.  At what time inhaler can be used or make a proper timing.

A helping and trusted relationship are essential and it develops over time. It is important for the pharmacist to be polite in some cases he must apologize for asking personal questions.

A pharmacist should focus on developing effective communication. With a set of limited goals, he must examine the potential validity of the patient. Establish a common ground. Search for areas of agreement and focus on desired outcomes, explore solutions. And finally, identify differences that cannot be bridged and at the same time explore conflict reduction actions that can still be taken.

If professionals have difficulty denying any request. As a result, they feel overwhelmed and, often, angry at others for making a benefit. Being assertive shows how much someone takes responsibility for the decision.

Being assertive in setting limits does not mean that you all the time saying ‘yes’ to requests. You will no doubt continue to help others, even though doing so may be an inconvenience, because of the value system you hold and your desire to help others when they need help.

In the health community uncovering the problem will provide you with particular feedback.  This is useful for improving performance. Therefore, before reacting to any problem pharmacist must ensure the presence of the problem.

Firstly be certain that you understand the exact nature of the problem. If a patient says that people in your pharmacy don’t care about customers, find out exactly what happened that was upsetting and led to this conclusion.

In order to know how to improve your service, he must have specific feedback that points out what changes might be indicated. Health professionals must ensure how to spend personal resources without feeling resentful toward others for making requests.

If the decision is repeated calmly then he can be assertive without becoming aggressive and without any reason. This response of calmly repeating means a lot in career. It will stop even the most manipulative person without assigning blame or escalating the conflict.