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What a primary care network pharmacist really does?

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is growing steadily. In order to prevail against the increasing competition, it requires a good medical professional at the initial level treatment. Medical primary care network pharmacist is the focused, medication-centered health professionals who can

Why Pharmacist should embrace creativity in patients’ interactions?

In a world of product and service innovation, the human touch is a need of the hour. Be a pharmacist is not only defined your knowledge of medicines but also makes you understand the creative aspects of medicines. So if you choose your career in pharmacy you must have a human

How automated microbial quality control reduces the risk of human error

The manual method for counting cultures, now more than 100 years old, is rife with potential errors. During incubation, plates can be misplaced, mislabeled, or thrown out before they’ve been fully analyzed. During enumeration, miscounting can result in interim colony counts that are higher

Healthcare Marketing - Get to Know These 10 Valuable Tools!

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is growing steadily. In order to prevail against the increasing competition, it requires a good marketing strategy. That's why the right healthcare marketing tools are essential. That's why we show the top 10 most valuable marketing tools

In 3 steps to sensible innovation in the healthcare sector

Innovation is essential for businesses to compete in the fast-moving marketplace with its ever shorter product lifecycles. Of course, healthcare companies are no exception. We therefore show you three steps that can pave the way for a meaningful innovation in the healthcare sector.

How digital seniors manage their medicines

Prescribing medication as prescribed is a challenge for many people. Especially seniors often find it difficult to keep track of several medications. The older the society gets, the bigger this problem will become. Increasing digitization can provide a solution.

Seniors generall

How to Continue Learning after Graduation

I firmly believe that overall pharmacy knowledge should increase over time and that your “peak” as a professional, if you are committed to continual learning, should be your last years of practice. There is no reason why you can’t keep up with new drugs, changes in labeling, and

Identify How and When to Treat Dyspepsia and Heartburn

The upper gastrointestinal (GI) tract consists of the duodenum, the esophagus, and the stomach. Although many factors may contribute to upper GI pain, some may be minor and can be self-treated, whereas others may require further and immediate medical treatment. Possible causes of upper GI pain in

Pharmacists Should Counsel Patients before They Travel

Several media outlets have interviewed many of those who became sick, and the reports from these individuals have yielded a number of potential leads, ranging from reports of becoming sick after drinking at hotel bars to chemical smells in hotel rooms. Meanwhile, these reports have led many touri

E-cigarettes and Safety

An acquaintance of mine recently celebrated his success in quitting cigarettes after multiple attempts.
“Good for you!” I said. “That is a very hard habit to break.”
But then he came clean.
He hadn’t really sto

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