Product Manager, Oncology



  • Canada 
  • Last Update: 31.12.2019 at 12:00

Job Type
Full Time
10 Month +
Mississauga, CA




Specific Duties
Lead pre-launch and market development activities
Determine marketing research needs to understand how to most effectively influence prescribing decisions
Communicate strategic and tactical plans to the US, Canadian senior management and the Specialty Sales Force.
Identify market opportunities and customer targets through competitive analysis, positioning, and marketing strategy assessments. Identify specific distribution or channel issues and provide appropriate management.
Analyze product performance and inventory management of the marketed product. Support forecasting and pricing teams.
Lead the implementation of strategic and tactical plans for the brands, new product development and commercialization.
Develop focused strategic and tactical plans for the brands, including monitoring goals, with specific understanding of the pharmacy and specialty care markets.
Work with Legal, Medical, and Regulatory to get promotional materials, programs, and training initiatives reviewed and approved.
Utilize market analytics to be proactive in the Canadian healthcare market
Develop an engagement strategy for the launch of new products.
In collaboration with the executive team, lead the organization through very complex and difficult changes by working effectively with a variety of internal and external stakeholders
Create significant benefits and value for clients
Identify/anticipate synergies and act on unmet client needs, targets and product portfolio/franchise
Understand and leverage political, economic and business factors to shape future of industry and gain a first-mover strategic advantage
Anticipate industry-wide change that will impact the future of Ipsen
Act quickly to change course in order to maintain competitive advantage as a company
Identify and develop breakthrough ideas or concepts that revolutionize the industry
Create a culture of breakthrough thinking and pragmatic experimentation across the organization
Integrate information and data across functions and geographies, as well as external knowledge, to create decisive insights that drive the business forward
View situations or systems from multiple perspectives to ensure all angles are thoroughly examined and pertinent information acquired
Build new models or methods for analyzing situations or systems
Determine effective marketing communication channels to raise awareness and understanding of the benefits of Ipsen

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