Technical and Commercial experience in Biopharma field

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  • Graduation: M.Sc. Biotechnology and MBA in marketing

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  • Languages: English(Full Professional) | Hindi(Full Professional)

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Sales and Marketing


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Key Account Manager


  • Worked on downstream process development of mammalian cell culture derived Monoclonal antibodies.
  • Process improvement in terms of quality of the product and economy for purification protein by providing various efficient alternatives to existing process.
  • Involved in R&D batches for scale up study


Technique and skills


  • Chromatograp techniques used:
  • Affinity chromatography


  • HIC(butyl toyopearl) Hydrophobic interaction chromatography
  • IEC-ion exchange chromatography


  • MMC-mixed mode chromatography
  • EBC-expanded bed chromatography
  • GFC-gel filtration chromatography
  • Column packing unpacking
  • Column evaluvation -HETP
  • TFF tangential flow filtration.
  • Cloumns used BPG /Chromaflow with packing station / Quick Scale


  • Chromatography systems used AKTA PILOT/K-PRIME 40II and 40III
  • Involed in scale up, validation ,PCT and CT batches.


cGMP documentation

  • Installation qualification , Operational qualification and Performance qualification documents
  • Area validation and qualification documents
  • Autoclave requalification.
  • Preparation of SOP
  • Preparation of Protocols and reports
  • Execution of various qualification and validation activities.(Eg. Cleaning Validation, Disinfectant Validation, facility Validation etc)
  • Documentation of all cGMP related activity.

Sales Experience 

  • An astute & result oriented professional with exhaustive field experience in Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Product Promotion, Distribution Management
  • Attained proficiency in expanding the business operations and sales & marketing activities in Western Maharashtra
  • Skills in developing relationships with key decision-makers in target organizations for revenue
  • Flexible attitude to cope up with the changing situations and emerging with enhanced performance.
  • Excellent interpersonal, analytical and negotiation skills.
  • Solving the problem and queries of existing customers.
  • Meeting the existing customers.
  • Meeting the new target customers and converting them into customers.
  • Solving the problem and queries of existing customers.
  • Searching for new customers.
  • Making daily call reports and timely reporting to the seniors.
  • Customer analysis and decision for feature business.

Time and Spatial Flexiblity

I am flexible to all location

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