Deputy Programme Officer



  • Kenya 
  • Last Update: 18.03.2019 at 12:00

Job Type
Full Time
6 Month +
Nairobi, KE


Clinical and medical development



Programme Management
Assist in designing projects, develop work plans/activities schedules and ensure successful implementation to achieve overall programme objectives aligned to TI-Kenya strategic goals.
Ensure the smooth day to day delivery, running and project management of organizational interventions in the pharmaceutical and health sectors.
Support the identification and recruitment of qualified service providers as well as procurement of assets/utilities and consultants for tasks specific to the programme.
The Deputy Programme Officer shall also assist in preparation of the terms of reference, expression of interest and contracts in accordance with TI-Kenya policies and procedures and will facilitate successful delivery of work by such service providers.
Provide technical support to ensure that technical documents of the programme are fully reviewed, discussed and appropriately disseminated. This task includes support to research, data collection and reports.
Develop and implement national advocacy strategies and actions to promote and improve transparency, accountability and integrity in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors.
Project organization and co-ordination including meetings, dialogues with partners, development of research and learning tools for stakeholders.
Build capacity of staff and relevant stakeholders on salient issues transparency, accountability and integrity in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors and development of IEC materials.

Strategy Development
Development of programme priorities and objectives and communicate to staff, partners and other stakeholders for mutual understanding and ownership.
Development of TI-Kenya national, regional and global strategies and implementation of governance in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors
Development of national advocacy actions and strategies to promote and improve transparency, accountability and integrity in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors which includes policy development, designing and producing policy and working papers, convene high visibility events and campaigns to increase awareness on governance in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors.

Management of TI Kenya partners/partnerships
Develop and maintain local and National networks and communities of practice involving stakeholders in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors.
Where necessary, prepare Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with key stakeholders;
Develop collaborative programme strategies, resource mobilization, concerted efforts and collective results for desired impact;
Liaise with other TI chapters and partners, to exchange lessons learned and implement regional advocacy strategies as required as well as liaise with other staff within TI-Kenya implementing programs in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors.
Coordinate meetings with government, civil society and private sector stakeholders and other related parties
Manage diverse and sometimes competing stakeholder interests
Develop links and share experiences with relevant stakeholders to promote and mainstream Open contracting to achieve the TI-Kenya vision and mission;
Provide technical support to project partners in the development of sound policies for transparent and accountable institutions of governance;
Support national and local capacity building actions for local stakeholders to better understand and participate in national policy development and monitoring;
Develop and maintain a database of relevant stakeholders involved in any projects the officer is involved in.

Institutional learning
Support the development of e-learning, networking and knowledge/content management platforms for communication and share-learning.
Supporting organizational transparency though adherence to the IATI standards
Support the development of learning materials and advocacy within TI-Kenya and the broader movement that are relevant to the pharmaceutical and health sectors
Provide technical support for the development of structured opportunities of institutional learning including project monitoring and evaluation, highlighting success stories and lessons learnt and development of good practices.
Track and monitor project deliverables using M

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