Analytical Expert in AMV of Pharmaceuticals dosage forms

  • 502032 Hyderabad India 
  • Graduation: MSc.Tech (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) & MTech. (Chemical Engineering)

  • Hourly / Daily / Monthly Rates: 520 / hour 4200 / daily 100000 / monthly

  • Languages: English(Full Professional) | Hindi(Full Professional)

  • Last Update: 12.08.2019 at 09:56

Job Type
Full Time

Category :

Research & Development (R&D)


Keywords :


Account Manager


Expertise on Sophisticated Instruments

Waters UPLC, HPLC, Shimadzu HPLC and Agilent HPLC ( Empower 3 software, EZ chrome software and LC solutions software)
Agilent HS-GC & Shimadzu HS-GC (with Empower 3 software)
Manual Diffusion Cell Testing Apparatus (Hanson)
Dissolution Testing Apparatus (Distek, Electrolab & Labindia)
UV-VIS Spectro photometer (Perkin Elmer and Shimadzu)
FT-IR Spectroscopy (Perkin Elmer and Shimadzu)
Karl Fischer Titrator (Thermo Scientific & Metrohm)
Viscometer (Brookfield) and Water Activity Analyzer (Rotronics)
Practical Knowledge on Chemdraw software and Design Expert software


Worked as Manager in Analytical Research and Development department for Solid Orals and Topical dosage formulations in Trikona Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, Hyderabad from June-2016 to June-2018 (2 years).

 Previously associated with Finoso Pharma Private Limited,Hyderabad (A subsidiary of Vivimed Laboratories) as Team Leader in Analytical Research and Development department for Solid Orals and Liquid Oral dosage formulations from July-2014 to May-2016 (About 2 years).


Career started with Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd, Hyderabad (IPDO-Bachupally) and continued as Assistant Manager in Analytical Research and Development department for Solid Oral dosage formulations from June-2006 to June-2014 (8 years).

Time and Spatial Flexiblity

Anywhere in Abroad and preferential is European countries.

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